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Filipino Immigrants – Coming to America

Did you know that the number of foreign-born Filipinos living in the U.S. exceeds foreign-born immigrants from any other Asian country? In this issue we continue our New Immigrant Survival Guide series by sharing information on Filipino immigrants in America.

In our Ask RemitHome section, we answer a common question about what Nickname to choose for a recipient. If you choose a useful Nickname, it will be much easier to manage your RemitHome Membership Account.

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 New Immigrant Survival Guide: Filipino Immigrants in the United States
Third in a Series of Articles

There are currently over 1.6 million Filipino immigrants living in the U.S., making Filipinos the largest immigrant group from Asia, even exceeding the number of immigrants from much larger countries such as China and India. Here are some other interesting facts about Filipino immigrants:

  • Over two-thirds of Filipino immigrants live in just five states: California (46%), Hawaii (6%), New York (5%), Illinois (5%), and New Jersey (5%).
  • A majority of Filipino immigrants (63%) are naturalized U.S. citizens.
  • Almost half of adult Filipino immigrants have a bachelor’s or higher degree.
  • Almost a third of employed female immigrants from the Philippines have health-care and related occupations: Registered Nurses (15%), Other Health-Care Practitioners (7%), Health-Care Support (7%), and Physicians (1%).
  • Philippine-born immigrants comprise the largest group of foreign-born veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces (12%).

The Migration Policy Institute studies the movement of people worldwide, and their website, Migration Information Source, is a great resource for those interested in Filipino immigration.

Here are some specific links from the website that you may find useful:

Hyperlink to Web Page


U.S. in Focus

This page focuses on U.S. immigration and provides links to a wealth of immigration data resources and articles.

Who’s Where in the U.S.?

This tool allows you to select a Country of Origin (e.g., Philippines) and a U.S. State of Destination (e.g., California) and find census information on Filipino immigrants residing in particular states.

Filipino Immigrants
in the United States

This article provides an overview of Filipino immigrants in the U.S., with statistics and links to related articles.

In future newsletters we will continue to provide resources and advice for new immigrants. Do you have a story you would like to share? What advice do you have for new Philippine immigrants to the U.S.? Is there anything that would have made your life easier if you had known it before you came here?

Please click here if you have a story, a key learning, or advice you would like to share.

 Ask RemitHome: Recipient Profiles and Nicknames

Question: I only have one recipient, but I want her to be able to receive the money in different ways, depending on her needs. Usually I will want to deposit money directly into her bank account, but sometimes I want the money delivered to her at home instead. And at other times, I may need to have the money available to her for cash pick-up. How can I set up my RemitHome account so that I have the flexibility to send money using these different delivery methods?

Answer: Adding a recipient to your RemitHome membership account is like linking a payment account in an online banking service. With online banking, you need to set up a separate profile for each account you want to make payments to (mortgage, car loan, credit card, etc.), even if all the accounts are with the same bank. Similarly, with RemitHome, you need to set up a separate profile for each way you want your recipient to receive the money.

With RemitHome, there are many different ways your recipient can receive money, so your recipient may have many different profiles based on the following factors:

  • Delivery Method (Door to Door, Bank Deposit, Cash Pick-Up)
  • Currency (Philippine Peso, U.S. Dollar)
  • Door to Door Delivery Location (Home, Office, School, etc.)
  • Different Banks (Banco De Oro, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Philippine National Bank, Metrobank, etc.)
  • Different Accounts at the Same Bank (Checking, Savings)

Choosing Useful Nicknames

Just as you would do for online banking, RemitHome asks you to choose a nickname for each recipient profile you create. Choosing useful nicknames can help you distinguish between your different recipient profiles.

The table below gives examples of how you can create useful nicknames that identify the relevant delivery method, currency, bank, etc. for your recipient profiles.



Maria D2D Home

This nickname can be used to identify a Door to Door (D2D) delivery to Maria at home if you also have profile set up for a Door to Door delivery to a different location (e.g., Maria D2D Office).

Maria BDO PHP Savings

This nickname specifies the bank (Banco De Oro), the currency (Philippine Peso), and the type of account (Savings) for a Bank Deposit. It is particularly important if you send money for deposit to different accounts in different currencies at different banks. For example, you could have all of the following Bank Deposit profiles for Maria:

  • Maria BDO PHP Checking
  • Maria Metrobank PHP Checking
  • Maria Metrobank USD Checking
  • Maria BPI USD Savings

Note that each nickname is specific enough that you would be able to clearly identify into which bank account you were depositing the money.

Maria Cash Pick-Up

This identifies the delivery method as Cash Pick-Up. If you have more than one profile with Cash Pick-Up, you could add additional information, such as location or bank name.

If you have any questions about how to add a recipient or need assistance setting up your RemitHome account, please contact RemitHome Customer Service at 1-800-919-0787,
Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time (California), or email us at customerservice@remithome.com.

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