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Forbes.com - "RemitHome® Wins Decision Against Indian Company's Use of Remit2Home.com"

On February 21, 2008, a panel of the National Arbitration Forum ordered that the domain names remit2home.com and remit2home1.com be transferred from Times of Money Ltd. (TimesofMoney), a Mumbai, India-based company, to RemitHome Corporation, a U.S. to Philippines online remittance service based in Oakland, California.

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Yehey! News - "RemitHome Co-founder Selected as 2007 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year"

Oakland, CA (May 25, 2007) - Lavinia Hong, Vice President of Marketing and co-founder of RemitHome Corporation, a U.S. to Philippines online remittance service, was named the 2007 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year in the Services category at the 14th National Asian Entrepreneur Awards in Los Angeles. The Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, established in 1994 by Asian Enterprise Magazine, is the only national competition-based awards program that honors exemplary entrepreneurs and businesses serving the Asian Pacific American community.

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Oakland Tribune - "Demand for overseas cash transfers grows." By Francine Brevetti

RUDOLFO DE GUZMAN sends money home to the Philippines two or three times a month to support the education of his nieces and nephews in Manila and to pay for his family's mortgage. Felicitas Galo of Fairfield sends money to the Philippines frequently to advance her work as a mortgage broker. Both use an Oakland-based online service called RemitHome.

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Manila Bulletin - "Yehey! gets US remittance partner"

Yehey!, the leading Filipino Internet lifestyle portal, has partnered with California-based RemitHome Corporation so Filipinos in the United States could send money home via the Internet. The pioneering partnership enables Internet users to access RemitHome's online remittance service directly through the Yehey! website (www.yehey.com).

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The Fresno Bee - "Filipinos send more money back home." By Vanessa Colón

The husband of Alma Bristow, who was born in the Philippines, tried Western Union but then switched in July to using RemitHome. Alma Bristow said RemitHome is less expensive because there's no limit on the amount of money you can send per fee. Mark Bristow, her American husband, said he prefers it: 'It's really easy to do. It's reliable.'

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East Bay Business Times - "RemitHome bets on online money transfers" By Jeff Nachtigal

With worldwide remittance rates to Asia increasing at 10 percent annually since 2002, Oakland's RemitHome Corp. is betting that the time is right to channel some of that business online.

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San Francisco Chronicle - "Alternative for wiring money overseas " Letter to the editor

Having advised the Federal Reserve on international payment systems and served as global cash manager for Bank of America, I can speak to why banks charge such high fees. Quite simply, their systems are set up to handle million-dollar corporate transactions, not small consumer transfers.

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OFW Guardian - "Money Well Sent?" By Bambi Eloriaga

... RemitHome is affiliated with respectable institutions that include Ateneo de Manila University, Pipit Fund Inc., RCBC and Land Bank. But the most attractive feature would probably be their flat rate of US $10 or less.... Regular remitters can also take advantage of reduced rates by setting up recurring transactions. Transactions are saved so it is easy to keep track. Plus, the site is very user-friendly and not confusing to use and read through.

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INQ7.net - "Fil-Am Group Offers Online Remittance" By Alexander Villafania

A GROUP of Filipino-Americans recently launched an online remittance service aimed at improving the way Filipinos in the US send money to their families in the Philippines.... RemitHome has an online transaction management system that automates the schedule of sending remittances to multiple sources, which can be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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What should I know about RemitHome?

RemitHome Corporation is the leading online money transfer provider focused solely on U.S. to Philippines remittances. The company was founded in July 2003 by a group of seasoned banking professionals with expertise in online banking and both U.S. and international electronic payment systems. RemitHome has enjoyed top ratings for its service since its inception.

The company offers wide-ranging customer benefits including low-cost Philippine Peso transfers, the ability to schedule transfers in advance, multiple-recipient options, and discounts for recurring transfers. RemitHome offers broad coverage throughout the Philippines, with choice of door-to-door delivery, bank deposits to all major banks, and cash pick-up at bank branches.

Why does RemitHome focus on U.S. to Philippines remittances?

RemitHome was one of the first companies to offer an online remittance service to the Philippines. This focus on U.S. to Philippines remittances is based on U.S.-Philippines being one of the largest remittance markets in the world and the company founders' expertise in international remittance systems at both U.S. and Philippine banks.

How do I contact RemitHome if I would like to feature the company and its remittance service in an article?

You can call RemitHome at 510-268-9950, or send an e-mail for media requests to info@remithome.com.

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