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High Philippine Peso - U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate

RemitHome consistently offers its customers one of the highest Philippine Peso Dollar exchange rates of any online remittance service. When high exchange rates are paired with low fees, you save money. So you can afford to send more money to your family, or send money more often.

How important is the Philippine Peso Dollar exchange rate?

The more money you send, the more important it is to get a higher exchange rate. Because most of RemitHome's customers are frequent remitters who send money regularly and in higher amounts, getting a high exchange rate is very important to our customers.

With a higher Philippine Peso exchange rate, your recipient receives more pesos for every dollar you send.

What does this mean for you?

When you compare remittance services, you need to look at both the fees and the Philippine Peso Dollar exchange rate offered. One service may charge a lower fee, but their low exchange rate may make the service expensive. Another service may offer a higher exchange rate, but their high fees may more than offset that benefit.

RemitHome offers a winning combination: a low fee and a high exchange rate.

  • A low flat fee of $10 (or less)
  • One of the highest Philippine Peso Dollar exchange rates of any online remittance service.
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How High is your Philippine Peso Exchange Rate?

RemitHome's exchange rate changes daily based on market conditions. However, we consistently offer one of the highest Philippine Peso Exchange Rates among online remittance services.

Why is your Exchange Rate different from what I see in the newspaper?

The published Philippine Peso/Dollar Exchange Rate you see in the newspaper or on online news sites is the wholesale interbank exchange rate, which reflects trades between large money center banks. These wholesale exchange rates are only available to those making multimillion dollar transactions. So most people receive a retail exchange rate, which will be lower. Each remittance service, bank, and foreign exchange kiosk sets its own retail exchange rates. RemitHome consistently offers one of the highest Peso/Dollar exchange rates of any online remittance service to the Philippines.

What is the Philippine Peso conversion to U.S. Dollars?

When you send a money remittance through RemitHome for delivery in Philippine Pesos, your U.S. Dollars are converted to Philippine Pesos before being delivered to your recipient, held for cash pick-up, or deposited into your recipient's bank account in the Philippines. RemitHome follows a conversion process that ensures you get the highest Philippine Peso/U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate we are able to offer.

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