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Pay Employees in the Philippines

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Business Payments Online - U.S. to the Philippines

RemitHome makes it easy to pay employees in the Philippines online.

High Transfer Limits

  • High Transfer Limits
    - up to $5000 or more
  • No Monthly Limits
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Responsive Customer Service

  • US-based Business Specialists & Customer Service
  • Philippines-based Support for your Payees
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Save Time

  • Schedule Payments in Advance
  • Set up Recurring Payments
  • Pay Employees as a Group
    (with No Maximum Number)
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Save Money

  • Pay staff for $8 per person
  • Discounts & Free Transfers
  • High Exchange Rates
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How do I Sign Up for a RemitHome Business Account?

1. Sign up for a RemitHome account

Sign up using your own name - Complete the enrollment form using your legal name (the one on your driver's license).

After your identity is verified, your RemitHome account will be activated.

2. Request Business Account Status

Once your RemitHome account has been activated, you can request Business Account authorization. Send your request to us by email at customerservice@remithome.com or call us at 1-800-919-0787 during California business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time. Depending on the type of business, we may require additional information.

High Transfer Limits

RemitHome can offer your business a high daily transfer limit to meet your business needs, up to $5000 or more. And there are no separate monthly limits.

We would happy to discuss how RemitHome Business Payments can meet your specific business needs. Just call us at 1-800-919-0787 during California business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time, or e-mail us at customerservice@remithome.com.

Responsive Customer Service

US-based Business Specialists & Customer Service

RemitHome's customer service and operations are based at our California headquarters, so that we can be responsive to the needs of our U.S. customers. RemitHome will work with you to create a customized money transfer solution that meets you business needs. Whether it is higher payment limits, customized reports, or other specialized features, we're just a phone call away!

Contact us at 1-800-919-0787 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time, or e-mail us at customerservice@remithome.com.

Or, you can complete the Business Account Information Request form and we will get back to you quickly to help you set up a RemitHome Business Account that meets your needs.

Philippines-based Support for your Payees

Our representative office in Metro Manila is available to assist money transfer recipients and coordinate with our partner banks in the Philippines.

Save Time

RemitHome's money transfer system offers advanced features that make it easy to pay employees in the Philippines

Schedule Payments in Advance

Pay today or set it up for the future so you don't forget

Set up Recurring Payments

Set up an automatic recurring instruction to single or multiple recipients to send the same dollar amount on a regular basis (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Pay Employees as a Group (with No Maximum Number)

Pay 1 to 20 employees in a single transaction (so it only takes 5 transactions to pay 100 employees!)

Each employee can receive money in a different way (choice of Door-to-Door delivery by bank courier, Bank Deposit, or Cash Pick-Up).

Save Money

Pay Staff for $8 per Person
  • $10 Flat Fee for a one-time transfer to one payee
  • $8 Flat Fee per payee if you send to more than one payee in one transaction
  • $8 Flat Fee to send money to a single payee as part of a recurring instruction, or $7 Flat Fee per payee if you send to multiple payees with a recurring instruction
Discounts and Free Transfers

Earn a bonus point for every transfer (even on Free Transfers) - use to pay fees on future transfers. More information on Rewards Program

High Exchange Rates

RemitHome offers one of the highest Philippine Peso/U.S. Dollar Exchange Rates among online money transfer services.

An exchange rate is committed 24 hours in advance of the daily processing time for money transfers (12 Noon Pacific Time) and RemitHome will often provide a higher exchange rate at time of processing. Explanation of RemitHome's exchange rate setting process

How Can I Send Money to the Philippines Online?

With RemitHome, it's easy to send money to the Philippines. As long as you are a U.S. resident with a U.S. bank account, and are at least 18 years old, you can set up a RemitHome account for sending money to the Philippines. After you complete your registration, we'll contact you and let you know when your remithome.com membership account is ready to use. You only register once. It only takes a few minutes and you'll save time and money with every remittance you send.

  • Send money to the Philippines from your computer, anytime – To send money to the Philippines, log on to your RemitHome account from any computer, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. No waiting in long lines, no need to fill out the same remittance forms again and again.
  • Secure, convenient online money transfers – The money you send can be deposited directly to your recipients' Philippine bank account, delivered door-to-door by courier, or picked up at convenient locations throughout the Philippines.

Will I Save Money Using Your Online Remittance Service?

Yes! With other online Philippine remittance services, the more you send, the more you pay – and the extra fees add up quickly. With RemitHome, you pay a flat fee of $10 to send up to $1000 for Philippine Peso transfers. Set up recurring transfers to the same recipient and save even more. Plus, RemitHome typically offers one of the highest Philippine Peso – U.S. Dollar exchange rates of any online remittance service – so you can count on savings each time you send money to the Philippines.

  • Just a $10 flat fee for Philippine Peso transfers – Send any amount up to $1000 for just $10. RemitHome offers a low-cost alternative to bank wire transfers.
  • Only $8 each for recurring Philippine Peso transfersSending money weekly or monthly to the same recipients allows you to save even more.
  • No delivery fees, ever! – With RemitHome, you can have money deposited directly into your recipient's bank account, held for pick up at a convenient location, or delivered door-to-door for no extra fee.
  • Additional Services for Special Needs – There are times when you want the convenience of being able to use a credit or debit card to send money. So we offer credit and debit card transfers for $25. And there are other times when you want U.S. Dollars deposited into a U.S. Dollar account in the Philippines. So we offer a U.S. Dollar service for $18.

How Safe Are My Money Transfers?

When you send money online using RemitHome, your information is encrypted using the most advanced online security measures. All transfers are completed electronically, so you can track the progress of each money transfer from the convenience of your computer. Set up your account and you'll have a safe, easy way of sending money from the U.S. to the Philippines.

  • Guaranteed delivery – Money transferred through RemitHome carries our Delivery Guarantee.
  • Banks you can trust – All RemitHome partner banks are licensed, regulated and insured by their U.S. and Philippine government authorities.
  • Online security, reliabilty and privacy protection – The remithome.com website is VeriSign® Secure and TRUSTe® certified, and RemitHome is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a BBBOnline Reliability Program seal. Find out more about our online security and reliability.
  • World-class customer service – If you ever have a question about your RemitHome account, a particular transfer, or sending money to the Philippines, or if you need help signing up, simply contact our customer service representatives by phone or email. We're here to help!
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